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How to make a .net application easily

 make a .net application   In this article we will discuss how to make a .net application easily. Developing a large web application may involve several developers. These developer work on specific sections of web application without interfering in another work and still able to use each other’s work as the project progress. To do this you can use a single project progress, you can also separate a web application into multiple projects by dividing the project into units to make it easier. I will suggest you to make a .net application with the multiple visual studio .Net projects in the same web application To make the visual studio .net projects participate in the same web application, you must follow these steps:
  • Create the main project in a directory that is the root directory for the whole application.
  • Now create its child projects in the subdirectories of the root directory in the same visual .NET solutions.
  • Remove the web application that visual studio creates for the child project with the use of IIS.
  • To bring the project in working, to individual development computers, copy the application directory structure to those computers, and now create an IIS application root directory for the main project directory.
Create the IIS Application Root Project Follow these steps to create IIS application root project for the web application:
  1. Start visual studio .net.
  2. 2., select “new” then click “project” by Click on file menu .
  1. Select the language that you want to use in project types and then under templates select ASP.NET web application.
  2. Replace the web application# as default name with Main web in location text box.
Create the Child Projects Follow these steps to create child project:
  1. For each child project right click solution in the solution explorer window.
Point to Add then click NEW project.
  1. Type http://localhost/MainWeb/<subwebname> In the Location text box. This create child project named as <subwebname> in a subdirectory of the root application directory.
  2. Click ok.
  3. Delete files that are not needed for a non application root directory from the project.
  4. If the child project will contain only shared resources delete the Webfrom.aspx file.
  5. Build the solution.
Remove IIS A application that correspond to the child project To remove the IIS application, correspond to the child project follow these step:
  1. Click start, point to programs, pony to Administrative tool, then click Internet Service Manager.
  2. Locate your main web application and the child web project that you want to remove.
  3. For each child project, right click the web application node, and then click properties. On directory tab, click Remove and then click OK.
Set reference to the child projects
  1. To add reference to the child project follow these step:
  2. In solution Explorer right click Reference and then click ADD Reference in the solution explorer.
  3. In the dialog box Add reference then click the project tab.
  4. Select the child project and the click OK.
Deploy Multi Project Applications  to Development computers You must copy the main “root” project that represents root of the web application as well as any child application that you want to work on. To deploy Multi Project Application to Development computers you should follow these steps:
  1. Copy directory structure that you created in the previous step to a development computer.
  2. Make the directory that contains the root project an IIS application root. Easiest step to do this is as follows:
  • In file system explorer, locate the root directory of the web application.
  • Right click on the directories and then click Properties.
  • In this property dialog box, click Web sharing and then select Share this folder.
  • In this box, type the name of the web application and then select OK.
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.
  1. Make sure that all of the user identities have access to the directories, who will be using the web application.
  2. At last build solution.

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