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Send: MasterCard Launched their new Fund Transfer Services

Recently, MasterCard launched their new services, named MasterCard’s Send Services, which allows customers to send funds any device quickly and securely. MasterCard is a USA based financial services and headquartered of this company is located in Purchase, New York, USA. They provide many services like:

  1. Payment Solution and Production
  2. E-Learning on Charge back, Rules and Compliance
  3. Payment Processing
  4. MasterCard Advisors
  5. MasterCard Marketing Center
  6. MaterCard Business Solutions
  7. MasterCard Rules
  8. Security & Fraud Management
  9. Value across the payment chain
  10. Sponsorship
  11. Understanding Interchange

With the help of this service you can transfer the fund at domestic as well as international level. MasterCard’s Send services are available for everyone, like for individuals, government, non-profits, business and merchants peoples.

MasterCard Send Helps you transfer funds to any Device
MasterCard’s Send

Now the question comes, how this service works? Senders will need a MasterCard logo carrying card and receiving won’t even need a bank account. This finding is transferred like wire services like Western Union. Any kind of debit cards also used for the fund transfer.

Send MasterCard Services Video:


MasterCard doesn’t tell, how send services work in back-end, but they says the fund available anytime, anywhere at any device. This service is available in the US and Brekshire Hathaway and FreeShipping.com is the first to use this service. We hope you people love this new service of MasterCard. If you have any question regarding, MasterCard’s Send Servicesthan you can ask in the comment box.

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