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What is PPC and Its Impact on SEO

PPC and Its Impact on SEO

Pay Per Click or PPC is a type of online advertisement which is used in a wide range of websites,also Search engines, where the advertiser only pays if a web user click on their ad, hence the title ‘pay per click’.

PPC is very cost effective means to get the site noticed by the maximum audience while other internet marketing strategies are helping sites, achieve their natural ranking potential.

PPC is like a silent auction. Client place bids on keywords of their interest which they think of that they can get maximum audience, looking for specific goods or services. When a user type a search query into the field of search engine which matches with the advertiser’s keyword list, then PPC ad may be displayed on the web page. in search engine generally ads are in the right or above of the search engine from where they can easily see. whereas in some sites, the ad will be displayed in place where designer determined will be most advantageous to the site and the advertiser as well.

To differentiate PPC ads from the natural search displayed, search engines will often place under ’sponsored ads’ which makes easier to get noticed on a page that is crowded with text and other items.

The main thing is that PPC ads are beneficial to advertisers. By PPC advertiser get easily noticed by target audience and charged only at the time when their ads are clicked on and user get to select from sites that are relevant to the page they are viewing without a deal with banners and pop-ups.

There are many PPC management services competing with each other, but popular one’s are

  • Google Adwords
  • Microsoft adCenter

The rates that these management service charges for a PPC ad vary significantly depending on the popularity of keywords. Charges depend on supply and demand for the keyword that the advertiser wishes to target.

With the help of a PPC small company with limited budget can outbid large companies having an enormous advertising budget, and gain the edge they need to get noticed in the market.

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